(5) Five Days of Healing

Learn how to tune out the chaos of daily life and tune into the your soul's peacefulness. These (5) Five Days of Healing include interactive lessons, live practice, recorded sessions, and a private session with a certified Master Teacher and Healer.


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Welcome to your gift of (5) Five Days of Healing

Tao Healing is Unique in the world.

It is one of the most advanced forms of remote healing because it is not limited to the physical body. Tao Healing works to transform virtually every aspect of life. These 5 days will not create a miracle, in fact you may notice very little in the beginning, No one got  "Six Pack Abs" after 5 days in the gym. 

This is a taste to see if what we do resonates with you.
Our report card includes 30 years and over 10,000 testimonials, So I encourage you to try it and trust it, and you could be one of those adding to our report card.  
Your trial (5) Five days of Healing benefits are offered daily via ZOOM. (no app needed)
  • Return to this page daily and apply your same email and password to access each day of healing.
  • These 30-minute group healing sessions occur Mon-Fri each week. (see times below) 
  • You have 7 days to complete the 5 days since I do not do practices on the weekend. 
  • Each live Zoom (or recorded) group session activates cutting edge healing techniques. 
  • Watching the short videos below will help you to be maximize your results. They will also assist you in understanding the power of this remote healing technology.
  • Your trial includes a GIFT of a healing consultation. (valued at $200) See below for details.

Reduce your Stress

Practicing in the "Healing Field" changes your vibration from negative to positive.

Transform Your Health

Join the membership and give yourself healing anywhere anytime at the push of a button.

Heal Your Relationships

Learn how to hold space for yourself and establish healthy boundaries with others.



6:30 HT | 9:30am PT | 12:30pm ET | 17:30pm UK | 18:30pm CET | 11:00pm IST | 4:30am AEDT

You are given 1 week complete the 5 days, since the sessions do not include the weekends.

Recording of each day listed below. Enjoy!

Dont worry if you cannot make it "Live" 

The Tao Calligraphy "Healing Field" activates the moment you watch any recording. Watch twice to increase the results. NOTE:  The recordings are listed below by day of the week.

I Recommend you watch the  Short explanation videos below so you can get the most out of these five days.


Every session is unique. No two sessions repeat. Those in the full membership are notified daily (via text) of the special focus for healing that day & reminded before I go "Live".

Access recordings -  Click on Day of week to open

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Tao is "Source" 

Tao Healing is "Source Healing"


"I used to dread waking up. That was the old me. Tao Healing helped me find the root of my pain, and now I am a new person. It changed my life."

Bre Watkins

"At first I was skeptical, but during the live practice session, I felt everything shift. Thank you Paul, for helping me open my heart again."

Parker Scott

"I've had back pain for 20 plus years. 2 surgeries, and 100's of chiro adjusts and massages.  Tao healing is the only thing that worked. What's more amazing is that is has stayed away"

Brandt Wilson
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Access Your Soul's History

Learn how past energetic imprints may be impeding your physical, mental or emotional health & wellness and how Tao Healing can help. Save your spot today!



About Paul Fletcher

I am certified by Tao Academy as a Master Teacher & Healer, Tao Healing Hands healer, Tao Calligraphy Healer, Tao Song Healer, Divine Soul Communicator, and Akashic record reader. The profound and sacred wisdom and healing  I will share with you in membership program, podcast, digital courses, live events, and private sessions, originate from world renowned Spiritual leader, healer, author and humanitarian, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. 

In all my programs, I will share the most powerful self-healing techniques while interweaving the ancient wisdom of the source and the modern explanations of Tao Science…the science of the source. So join me on this journey as we manifest in our lives the source of healing from within. Learn more...