discover the real reason you are not able to find your soulmate
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Each Chapter opens an entirely new opportunity for healing and transformation of all that has kept you from finding your soulmate 

1. Who is really running the show                                                                   

The real reason you are here and the power of your soul to control your life.

2. Defining the nature of a soulmate

What you thought you might hear.

3. Identifying the real reasons it has been so hard for you to find your soulmate

Awakening to the ten independent factors that separate you from finding your soulmate.

4. Understanding karma in relationships                                                          

Discover the silent killer of all your hopeful relationships.

5. Mastering the possibilities                                                                             

Soulmate mastery 101 - how to control and self-clear the 10 factors that collude to separate you from your soulmate.

6. Behold: The power of the world’s greatest lie                                       

Understanding the power of conditional love and how it separates you from your creator and your soulmate.

7. The power and significance of loving thyself                                             

Revealing the unconscious beliefs and teachings that separate us from self-love.

8. Releasing the ghost of relationships past                                                 

Empowering, practical and validated methods to transform and self-clear current and past life relationship karma.

9. Karma and the victim/victimizer role                                               

Re-balancing the relationship debts.

10. Forgiving the past and creating the future                                       

Key teachings on the power of forgiveness, soul to soul communication and the secret to transform all relationship karma.

11. Manifesting your soulmate                                                                          

Applying manifesting principles for attracting your soulmate with the four powers.

12. Tuning the frequency of the soulmate manifestation compass

How to confirm your progress and what to look for.

13. Purifying the soul to avoid false positives                                        

How to avoid false positives… is this my soulmate?

14. Rebuilding your soulmate attraction power                                          

Transforming your future through conscious practices to dissolve false teaching and negative thinking.

15. Rewriting the Soulmate Script 

Attracting what you want is all about the way you say it

16. Applying soul power to complete the soulmate attraction system.               

Understanding and applying Soul Power for removing karmic blockages to quickly attract your soulmate.


OMG... I am completely blown away by what Paul shared in this book. Each chapter was like he was in my head. Every question I have ever had and all the pain I have been experiencing seemed to melt as I moved from chapter to chapter. It all made so much sense. As soon as I started on the suggested changes and practices, not only did my feelings of loneliness and low self esteem shift but I actually let go of all the fears around never finding my soulmate. I now know they will come, because I am finally truly ready to receive them.     Katherine O.

How long have you suffered?
How much longer is long enough?

When will be the right time to discover the truth and "Heal it"

Normally $25  Now only $15

VALENTINES SPECIAL - expries Feb 28th

save $10 today and get 50% off a personal consultation 

Purchase Soulmate Karma eBook