Are you exhausted with unfulfilling relationships?
Do you have a hole in your heart from the loss of relationship?
Do you find it difficult to have a relationship that is healthy, loving, & supportive?

If you want to get to the ROOT CAUSE of all your Relationship Problems - AND FIX THEM then watch the video and read on.


I am Ready to Heal My Relationships NOW
Most of us are unaware of the Soul’s role in a relationship. 
Relationships can be fulfilling, heartwarming and life changing. They can also be painful, destructive and debilitating. 


Heal the SOUL of the Relationship First

and Healing of the Relationship will Follow


You Can Resolve Lifelong

Relationship Issues

Learn the formula to fixing the "Soul" of the relationship.

  • Identify the root cause of "why" a relationship is so painful
  • Heal or transform any current relationship
  • Let go of lifelong painful relationship memories
  • Discover why you're not able to attract your soulmate
  • Understand why "a perfect" relationship stopped working
  • Heal your heart from a painful relationship
  • Recognize your Soul's ability to help you fix it all
  • Learn how to re-open your closed heart 
  • Open your heart and ensure it is never broken again

Yes, It Really Is Possible!

You can live the life of your dreams, filled with love and free of drama


I can't believe how stuck I was

My pain-filled life could easily be a best seller. Then I took this course. Wow, I cannot belief how stuck I was. My soul has been trying to help me this whole time, but I was too busy lamenting in my own sorrows. Now I know why all this happened and more importantly, I know how to fix it. I cannot recommend this course enough.

- Megan 


He describes the soul of relationships

Paul is one of those people who just gets it. He sees relationships from an entirely holistic perspective. He has real world experience and common sense values. His course and his consultations were priceless.  I also really enjoy his daily healing membership program. I enrolled my partner in it, and now she is more fun to be with. Thank you from my heart.

- Jeff 


Things improved quickly

The only reason I got this course was because I wanted a guy’s perspective on relationship. Paul gave such unique and deep insights, that I never even considered.  All the relationship problems I have been having instantly made sense once I understood that I actually attracted them to me.  I used the "Soul' healing techniques and it was amazing, how quickly things turned around.

- Becca


Paul Fletcher  Master Teacher and Healer

Certified by Tao Academy

Over the last 30 years Paul has trained with three Enlightened Masters including his present teacher, world renowned Healer, Author, Humanitarian and founder of Tao Science and the Love Peace Harmony foundation Dr. and Master Sha.

Paul has taught 1000’s of students the nature of the Soul. The origin of why a person suffers in life and how you can resolve "ANY" life challenge by addressing the root cause. Paul explains how your soul accumulates both positive and negative information in all its lifetimes, and then shows how these root... "Soul" level challenges can be quickly transformed with Tao healing.

In The Next Few Weeks, You Could…

  • Heal your heart and your relationships
  • Manifest the ideal relationship
  • Be happy and free of painful emotions
When you heal the "soul level' root issues you can create the ideal relationships in all areas of your life.

All life includes: Family, Partners, Co-workers, Soulmates, Friends and more


Heal Your Soul 

Heal Your Relationships

Here's what you will receive...

Everything you need condensed into 9 power packed modules

Watch my video to get the specifics of each section.

  1.  The Root Cause of Relationship Pain
  2.  You are Soul have a Relationship with another Soul
  3.  Why relationships could go "Bad" after they start out "Good"
  4.  Why does the same relationship issues keep happening to me 
  5.  Heal your Heart - Heal your Soul
  6.  Forgiveness brings inner peace and inner joy
  7.  How to open your heart again 
  8.  Five steps to avoid making the same mistakes 
  9.  Steps to Manifesting the Ideal Relationship

This One-of-a-Kind Program is For You If...

  • You are ready to manifest the ideal relationship
  • You are exhausted and done with drowning in emotional pain
  • You are tired of being the victim of everyone else's problems
  • You are ready to NEVER make the same mistakes again
  • You are awake enough to realize the unique value of such a powerful program
  • You are ready to create the life and relationship  of your choice 

Are you Ready to Manifest your Ideal Relationships?

This special course is like nectar for the soul. I will teach you everything you need to know to forever be free of painful relationships. Not only can you heal existing relationships, you will be permanently empowered to attract much healthier ones to you. 

In this course you will be able to:

  • Experience the love that you have longed to have
  • Easily Identify the "real" reason for the emotional rollercoaster in relationships
  • Build or rebuild and maintain an excellent relationship
  • Stabilize or bring mutually positive resolve to an existing relationship
  • Explore new ways of healing yourself with love, honor and respect

With a simple shift in your understanding and applying Tao healing you could start living the life of your dreams.


Here is exactly what you are going to receive in this course

  • 9 modules representing 30 years of wisdom
  • 21 short but POWERFUL paralife changing videos 
  • 4 PDF handouts complete with practices
  • 3-1/2 hours of life changing "Relationship Healing" tools and techniques 
  • Lifetime access to watch anytime you need a refresher
  • Access the course anytime on my special APP

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#1  One Full month (30 days) in my Signature Membership Healing Program

My Signature Program includes "Daily Healing" for 2 request - Mon-Fri (30 min) Practice sessions - Access to recordings, Discounts on consultations and more. 

Healing is much easier when you have ongoing "Daily" support to remove the negative and maximize the positive manifestation

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#2  Receive a 30 minute private consultation with me

Imagine - a gift of One on One time with me.  You can bring your nightmare relationship situation and I will put you on the path to healing. 

I am capable of accessing the records of your lifetimes with the other person. This information alone is invaluable. You can use it to heal the relationship


My fee is $120/ 30 minutes - Yours as a GIFT

#3  Receive my E-book "Soulmate Karma"

Did you know there was 10 separate conditions that collude to keep you from aligning to your Soulmate? 

In this eBook you will understand all 10 and along with the relationship course be able to reverse all of them.

See all the details - Valued @ $24

I was blown away by the material in this course. For the first time in my life I was able to clearly see why and how I keep attracting the wrong partners. "

- Kathrine

" I was just exhausted from having my heart crushed. Every relationship seemed to end the same way. Now I know why, and I know how to make sure it never happens again."

- Lacey 

I started practicing the soul communication and forgiveness practices and I am already seeing huge changes in my relationship with my husband."

- Rob

Are You Finally Ready To Heal Your Relationships Once And For All

The root cause of all your relationship challenges have been relentless in creating pain in your life. Isn't it time to heal them once and for all? 


Save 60% only $97 until March 31st


  • Heal or transform any current relationship
  • Let go of lifelong painful relationship memories
  • Heal your heart from a painful relationship
  • Learn how to re-open your closed heart 
  • Open your heart and ensure it is never broken again
  • Find true love and  keep your ideal relationship

I am an EXPERT when it comes to the SOUL

Paul Fletcher

Master Teacher and Tao Healer

Certified by Tao Academy

I can assure you, you will never come across the wisdom your will hear in my course. Why? 

1. ALL Relationships have a soul (a recorded history) your ability to "permanently" resolve them is only possible when you heal them at the root cause.

2. I don't waste time on the "poor me" victim drama or the psychology of why things didn't work out. My 40 plus personal years of experience and 30 plus years as a spiritual adept, has prepared me as a master teacher and healer.  By the end of this course you will look at every relationship through the eyes of an empowered and awakened soul.

3. Over the years, countless relationships have benefitted from the application of this wisdom and Tao healing techniques.

4. I offer special private packages to help you easily navigate each step with great success. These packages may also include Tao healing. 

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