$200.00 USD

Financial Blessing


Tao wisdom shares that one of the main blockades with Manifesting financial blessings is the negative service offered to others by our or our ancestors actions in this and other lifetimes.

What is need to offset that negative service is "Virtue".  Think of virtue as "Good Karma" 

The Tao transmissions I use release a lot of virtue which offsets some of the negative services (spiritual debt).  When enough of the debt is paid the virtue returns positive results to the recipient of the blessings. 

What you'll get:

  • Financial Blessing
  • Done remotely 
  • Results vary according to amount of spiritual debt needing to be cleared
  • May require several blessings
  • NOTE: Phone # needed to deliver service.  Automated email will offer instructions for connecting with me, unless you have already received the blessings.