$700.00 USD

Crown Chakra Blessing Level 2

Crown Chakra Blessing Level 2  transmissions are more than double the power of a level 1 blessings . 

Each blessing is tailor made for the persons physical, emotional or mind based issues. This level of blessing is needed for long standing issues, or serious conditions.

The receiver of a level 2 Crown Chakra Blessing need only receive. There is no follow up practice.  These blessings work very well for mental or emotional imbalances, 

What you'll get:

  • Remote  transmission
  • Done over phone or zoom 
  • NOTE: Phone # needed to deliver service.  Automated email will offer instructions for connecting with me, unless you have already received the blessings.

What People Are Saying:

I was desperate for something, anything to lower my stress levels. I came across Paul through his YouTube channel. He suggested a Crown Chakra Blessing. I was willing to try anything. It was the longest 2-minute healing I have ever had, but I can tell you it instantly changed my entire energy. I felt a massive weight lifted from my chest and a huge sigh of relief that is hard to put into words. I have since received several of these and some Level 2 blessings all with huge and measurable results. I am so grateful. Thank you so much for making this type of healing available

Debbie L.