$250.00 USD

Tao Soul Light Operation


Tao Soul Light Operation is a unique and powerful type of healing. When I offer a Tao Light Soul Operation, I call the soul , and open the area of request. I clear the negative energy in the area and then close the opened area. 

This type of service is a great choice for any type of physical restriction.  It also works well for major health issues.  (you can watch a live demonstration here. (starts at 13 min 40 seconds)  


What you'll get:

  • Light operation for 1 area
  • Offered remotely or via Zoom
  • NOTE: Phone # needed to deliver service.  Automated email will offer instructions for connecting with me, unless you have already received the blessings.

What People Are Saying:

I am 75 years old now. About a year ago I tripped over a 1 inch rise in the sidewalk and fell on my left side, injuring my shoulder wrist and hips. My whole left side was in pain and I had trouble sleeping for over a year now. I received a Soul light operation and my 12 on a 10 scale shoulder pain dropped 90%. Ever since this healing I have been sleeping normal and am still pain free. I cannot say enough good things about Tao healing.

Joy L.