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"Heal your Soul Heal Your Relationships"


Soulmate Karma (PDF) Ebook

This book represents 20 years of spiritual wisdom, personal insights gained from 100's of consultations, and decades of spiritual wisdom on the subject matter.

What you'll get:

  • Downloadable PDF 
  • 17 Chapters (96 pages)
  • 1x 50% Discount code for personal consultation

This book will change your life. People have begged me to publish this book in the general marketplace. So many have shared how it led them to see exactly where their understanding of a soulmate was misaligned. They were able to clearly see the roadblocks in their own life that was causing the inability to attract a soulmate and most importantly, when they applied the suggested changes, they were able to easily find their mate. Don't wait.. you will thank me later!

What People Are Saying:

OMG... I am completely blown away by what Paul shared in this book. Each chapter was like he was in my head. Every question I have ever had and all the pain I have been experiencing seemed to melt as I moved from chapter to chapter. It all made so much sense. As soon as I started on the suggested changes and practices, not only did my feelings of loneliness and low self esteem shift but I actually let go of all the fears around never finding my soulmate. I now know they will come, because I am finally truly ready to receive them.

Katherine O