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Canada, Philippines, Australia, Japan, India

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Get clear answers and and start healing and the root of the cause

Suffering of any kind is rooted in the accumulation of negative energies, and messages acquired over this and many lifetimes.

Akashic record and soul guided readings are valuable in defining the root of the problem.  Your soul or heaven knows the answers.  You simply have to be willing to listen and make the necessary changes.

Tao healing is unique. Tao healing carries the “Source” most positive frequency and vibration. Tao Healing addresses those root causes. Tao healing works where other modalities fail.

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15 Min Guidance Session


  • Perfect for yes/no answers
  • Discover if I am right for you
  • Receive healing suggestions based on your unique conditions
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30 Min Spiritual Guidance


  • Best for multiple issues
  • Akashic record reading
  • Give yourself time to get all the answers you need
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30 Min Spiritual Guidance - Includes $100 of healing


  • Find the root cause
  • Be empowered to resolve it
  • Receive $100 in healing to speed up the change you desire
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60 Min Spiritual Guidance - Includes $200 of healing


  • Best for bigger issues
  • Discounts for multi session
  • Includes $200 in healing to ensure the best results
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