Best practices for when to use guidance from Divine Flow

Jun 20, 2024


Best Practices for When to Use Guidance from Divine Flow

Best Practices for When to Use Guidance from Divine Flow



What Is Divine Flow?

In today's fast-paced and often chaotic world, finding guidance and clarity can be challenging. Traditional methods of problem-solving and decision-making often rely heavily on logic and analysis. However, there exists an alternative approach that taps into a higher wisdom—Divine Flow. This concept, explored extensively in Paul Fletcher's podcast series, "The Healing Source," offers a unique way to access information and guidance that transcend everyday logic and analysis.

Divine Flow, also known as channeling, involves receiving messages from the Source or higher beings of light. It is a process through which one can connect with spiritual entities to gain wisdom and insights that are not readily accessible through conventional means. This form of guidance can be particularly useful when dealing with complex emotional issues, spiritual dilemmas, or situations where traditional methods have failed to provide solutions.

When to Use Divine Flow

1. Stuck in a Loop

One of the most common scenarios where Divine Flow can be beneficial is when you find yourself stuck in a repetitive thought pattern or emotional loop. For example, if you are constantly irritated by a specific person despite trying various methods to resolve the issue, Divine Flow can offer new perspectives and solutions that you might not have considered.

2. Future-Paced Issues

Divine Flow is also useful when dealing with future uncertainties or unexpected events. Since the guidance received through this method often comes from a place of higher wisdom, it can provide insights into future possibilities, helping you navigate uncharted territories with greater ease.

3. Emotional Turmoil

When you are experiencing significant emotional turmoil, your logical mind may struggle to provide clear answers. In such cases, Divine Flow can offer loving and compassionate guidance that helps you detach from the emotional pain and see the situation from a higher perspective.

4. Spiritual Blockages

Sometimes, despite knowing what you need to do, you find it challenging to take action. This can be due to spiritual blockages or unresolved issues from past experiences. Divine Flow can help identify and clear these blockages, enabling you to move forward with greater clarity and purpose.

5. Complex Spiritual Dilemmas

When faced with spiritual dilemmas or conflicting teachings, Divine Flow can provide clarity and understanding. By connecting with higher beings of light, you can gain insights into the underlying truths of different teachings, helping you reconcile conflicting information.

How to Set Up for Divine Flow

1. Prepare Your Question

Before you begin, clearly define the question or issue you want guidance on. Write it down to keep your focus and ensure that your mind does not wander during the process.

2. Call Forth Relevant Souls

Invite the souls of all those involved in the situation, as well as the highest and best solutions. For example, you can say, "To the soul of the highest and best solution, please come. To the soul of my source creator, please come. To the soul of this person and our relationship, please come."

3. Clear Your Channels

Use techniques such as chanting or speaking in your soul language to clear your channels and remove mental clutter. This helps create a receptive state where you can receive pure and clear messages.

4. Receive the Message

Once you have set up and cleared your channels, ask your question again and wait for the first few words to come through. Trust the process and allow the message to flow naturally, one word at a time.

5. Record the Message

To ensure you do not forget the guidance received, write down the words or use a recording device. This allows you to review the message later and reflect on its meaning.

Best Practices for Offering Divine Flow to Others

1. Emotional Balance

Ensure that you are in a balanced emotional state before offering Divine Flow to others. If you are experiencing significant emotional turmoil yourself, it is best to wait until you are in a more stable condition.

2. Clear Communication

Explain the process to the person you are offering guidance to. Advise them to receive the message with an open heart and to pay attention to any parts that resonate with them.

3. Detach from Outcomes

It is essential to remain detached from the outcome of the guidance you provide. Trust that the message delivered is for the highest good, and avoid imposing your own perspectives or analysis.

4. Validate Accuracy

Over time, you will receive feedback from those you have offered guidance to, which will help validate the accuracy of your messages. This can build your confidence and trust in the process.

5. Recognize Limitations

Understand that Divine Flow is not a replacement for professional advice or medical treatment. It is a complementary tool that offers spiritual insights and guidance.


Divine Flow is a powerful tool for accessing higher wisdom and guidance that can help navigate life's complexities. By understanding when and how to use this form of guidance, you can find solutions to problems that traditional methods may not address. Whether you are seeking answers for yourself or offering guidance to others, Divine Flow can provide loving and compassionate insights that support your spiritual journey.

If you are new to this concept, consider exploring Paul Fletcher's podcast series, "The Healing Source," which offers detailed teachings on connecting with Divine Flow. For personalized guidance and healing services, you can visit to book a private session. Embrace the wisdom of Divine Flow and discover the transformative power it can bring to your life.



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