The Challenges of Being a Spiritual Being in a Human World

Mar 21, 2024


The Challenges of Being a Spiritual Being in a Human World

The Challenges of Being a Spiritual Being in a Human World


In this blog article, we will explore the unique challenges faced by spiritual beings in a human world. As we delve into the topic, we will touch upon the nature of the spiritual journey, the importance of purification, and the struggle to maintain presence in a chaotic world. Join me as we explore the intricacies of being a spiritual being in a physical existence.

Acknowledging Your Spiritual Nature

When we embark on a spiritual journey, we begin to realize that we are not simply defined by our physical form or the name assigned to us at birth. Rather, we are eternal souls having a human experience. This understanding sets us apart from the majority of humanity, who remain unaware of their spiritual nature. It is important to recognize and embrace this distinction, even if it means being seen as a "black sheep" by others.

The Loneliness of the Spiritual Path

As spiritual beings, we often find ourselves feeling isolated and disconnected from those around us. Our awakening sets us on a different path, leading to a divergence from the beliefs and values held by the majority. This journey can result in the loss of friendships and a sense of alienation from family and community. However, it is crucial to remember that this loneliness is a testament to the uniqueness of our spiritual journey.

Purification: Releasing the Trappings of the Physical World

Purification is an ongoing process for spiritual beings in a human world. It involves letting go of attachments and distractions that hinder our spiritual growth. These attachments can manifest as physical desires, emotional baggage, or mental clutter. By consciously choosing to be an observer rather than reacting emotionally or mentally to external stimuli, we can maintain our highest vibrational frequency and align with our spiritual journey.

The Struggle for Consistency

Consistency can be a challenge for spiritual beings in a physical world. Despite knowing what practices and actions are beneficial to our spiritual growth, we often struggle to maintain them on a daily basis. The distractions and responsibilities of daily life can derail our efforts. However, by cultivating presence and staying aware of our spiritual purpose, we can strive for greater consistency in our spiritual practices.

External Inputs and the Stewardship of our Field

The external world bombards us with stimuli that can affect our spiritual journey. From negative news to toxic relationships, these external inputs can disrupt our vibrational alignment. As spiritual beings, it is our responsibility to monitor and minimize these inputs to protect our field and vibration. By consciously selecting the information and energy we allow into our lives, we can create a more harmonious environment for our spiritual growth.

Mitigating the Suffering: Coping Mechanisms

Each individual possesses their own coping mechanisms to navigate the challenges of being a spiritual being in a human world. These mechanisms can range from meditation and physical exercise to seeking solace in spiritual practices or talking to friends and professionals. It is crucial to remember that no single solution fits all, and each person must find what works best for their unique journey.


Being a spiritual being in a human world presents its fair share of challenges. From the loneliness and isolation to the struggle for consistency and the need for purification, the path can be arduous. However, by acknowledging our spiritual nature, staying vigilant in our purification process, and consciously managing external inputs, we can navigate the complexities of this dual existence. Remember, the spiritual journey is a lifelong marathon, and every step taken brings us closer to the awakening of our true selves.

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